Biohazard cleaning services in goulburn, NSW

Why Choose Biosite Cleanup?

Biohazardous wastes include contaminated wastes with pathogens that could pose a danger to health and property. These include blood, body fluids, sharps and needles, pet urine and faeces, mould, mildew, chemicals, etc. Biosite Cleanup is well experienced in dealing with all kinds of biohazardous wastes. Our team undergoes intensive training to ensure that every cleanup is done following strict procedures to eliminate biohazardous materials. We utilise best cleaning solutions and techniques to remediate homes, offices, factories and other properties. Our specialists make a careful assessment of the site and provide estimates before beginning the cleaning process. To keep you informed, we present reports giving details of the pre and post cleaning situation. Our ethical code of conduct ensures we deliver the best commercial and home cleaning services to our clients. Backed by expertise and knowledge, we clean up a large number of biohazard situations and do our best in restoring homes and businesses.

Our services include: