Meth Testing

Meth Testing

While there are many meth testing kits available on the market to test meth contaminated properties, the results you get are not always accurate. This often leaves you in a dilemma whether the property is safe or unsafe for usage. If you are looking to invest in a property, it is always good to get a test done. This will determine the meth content and safety level of the property.The most reliable way to know if your property has meth residue is to get a meth testing specialist.

Backed by experience and expertise, Biosite Cleap up does a thorough meth testing using the latest sampling techniques to analyse the level of meth contamination. Our trained specialists inspect all parts of the property such as flooring, ceiling, roof, windows, electrical, plumbing, etc. With our meth testing efforts, we help you understand the potential risks and make informed decisions when it comes to property buying, selling or renting.

Meth is hazardous and if it’s not checked, it could devastate lives and cause great damage to property. It is good to spend a little more on testing the property than to pay huge sums later to replenish health and fix damages. Always trust certified cleaners who perform their job in a sensitive and discreet manner, leaving no room for potential harm.

We have come across worst case scenarios and achieved terrific results through our meth testing and cleaning services.

We determine the level of meth content in the property through our test samplings. We provide a detailed report telling you the level of meth contamination and also provide meth cleaning services to rid your property of all the meth residue. We operate in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW.

So if you are anxious about meth presence at your property, get a meth testing done by our professional meth testers. Give us a call to fix an appointment.