Suicide Cleanup

Suicide Cleanup

When a dear one takes his/her own life, it can be a terribly painful event for family members to experience. Post the investigation process, you are left to clean up the overwhelming mess entirely. In an event like this, one can find body fluids spread over, blood splattered all over the place, chemical residues and fingerprint dust, tear gas and cross-contamination from the inspection process which if not cleaned promptly, can result in severe health problems. Hence it is wise to opt for a professional suicide cleanup service.

In times like this, when one is emotionally down, taking up the responsibility of cleaning up the place can be extremely difficult. We, at Biosite Cleanup, know the feeling of losing someone and know how stressful it can get. To relieve you of your cleaning worry, our suicide cleanup team employs the latest methods, modern equipment and best products to clean up and decontaminate the entire area. You can rest assured in our presence that your property will be made spick and span and infection free.

We do a thorough suicide cleanup of the place, disinfect the whole area, remove and dispose of biohazardous wastes, remove stains, get rid of the odour, remove harmful chemicals and fingerprint dust, sanitise the area, and restore the property to its former state.

Our suicide cleaners do a thorough cleaning job without burdening the deceased family members in a professional and discreet manner.

Our areas of operation are Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW.

In a tragic situation, where handling cleaning seems impossible, turn to us for help.