How professional biohazard cleanup specialists can help.
Certain traumatic events, situations or conditions at home or work such as suicide, accidents, murder, crime scene, unattended death often leave behind bodily fluids and blood stains. The biohazards left behind at a place affected by such unfortunate events can be dangerous to human health. Individuals without proper knowledge and
Health Effects of Long-Term Mould Exposure
No one wants to find mould in their home. Unfortunately, mould can appear almost anywhere – on the wall, under a sink or in a basement. Mould can grow anywhere in a home, especially in areas that are moist, exposed to damp air or are poorly ventilated. Some people may
preventing needle stick injuries
As a safety rule, sharps and needles should always be placed in approved waste containers immediately after use. If safe sharps disposal procedures are not followed, in private or public places, then these used sharps can be dangerous. Improperly disposed needles and other sharps can injure people and pets. There
When is a biohazard cleaning required
Most people are used to cleaning up common household spills and accidents. They are easy to handle. However, there are some that involve cleaning up matter that could be biohazardous as they contain bloodborne pathogens. Biohazards are unseen to the human eye. Attempting a biohazard cleanup on your own often
water damage can ruin your property
Are you a homeowner or business owner faced with recent water damage?  Then you need to act immediately. It’s important to know how quickly water damage can ruin your home or property. If water damage is left unaddressed, the excess moisture can become destructive. Understanding how water damage begins and