How to remove mould spots on clothes
Pic Credit: flickr Wet garments or fabrics can be breeding grounds for mould if left wet for a long time. Even if there are few mould spots on your clothes, you can still salvage them. Below are handy tips to help you remove mould stains from clothes. Check the labels – It’s always advisable to follow the instructions on the label regarding the recommended water temperature for washing and the process of drying the clothing
How to Prevent Campfire Accidents - 11 Effective Tips
It doesn’t matter when we go camping; we know for sure, there’s going to be at least one campfire. It adds warmth and joy to our camping trips. Apart from all the fun around a campfire like roasting marshmallows, sharing stories and laughter, making memories, a campfire can also be dangerous if not handled properly. It can easily change a cheerful evening into a nightmare. Every year, thousands of children and adults are rushed to
Professional odour removal is important for your business
The first impression is usually the most important in any business. And when it come to your office premises, it’s not just the look but also the smell. If you have a lot of visitors to your office, bad odours can become a problem for your business. Odours may be of the lingering type or come from customers as well as your own employees. Using any odour removal products can help reduce the problem to
Easy Tips to Keep Bathroom Mould at Bay
Mould is a common problem homeowners face nowadays. It can grow quickly in places that are dark, damp and humid. Since bathrooms accumulate a lot of moisture there’s a good chance of mould invading your bathroom space. Mould can make your bathroom look messy and unhealthy. Apart from that, it can be quite difficult to remove mould. You would need a professional mould cleanup to get rid of it. However with some simple tips and
Fire safety for kids at home
Fire safety at home is a major concern for most parents with children. A serious house fire can lead to extensive property damage and even loss of life. In NSW, approximately one third of house fires tend to occur more during the colder months of the year – between June and August. Although the number of deaths occurring from house fires is relatively small, all accidental deaths are generally regarded as preventable. Here are some