Squatter Cleanup

Squatters Clean Up

After a property owner decides to get rid of an undesirable tenant, all that’s left behind is a huge mess which could include biohazard materials, sharps, syringes, drugs, human waste, animal waste, etc. All the accumulated junk is a source of infections and deadly diseases. To ensure that the place is restored to a safe condition it is important to call for a squatter cleanup right away.

It is not safe for you to handle squatter cleaning all by yourself. There’s a risk of you getting cuts, pricks, and bruises which could lead to serious health issues. You don’t want to risk your life over a cleaning which can be handled by a team in a secure manner. It is always good to rely on a professional squatter cleaner to do the cleaning.

Biosite Cleanup employs industry best practices to do a squatter cleanup. Our cleaners utilise right strategies and resources to carefully remove the harmful waste and ensure safe disposal and disinfection of the property.

Our services cover needles and sharps removal, junk cleanup, biohazard waste removal, safe disposal of biohazard materials, body fluid cleanup, pet urine and faeces removal, odour removal, sanitisation of property, etc.

We service areas of Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW. To know more about our squatter cleaning expertise, give us a call.