Decontamination Cleaning

Decontamination Cleanup and COVID-19 Disinfection

Potential biohazards can be found anywhere – at your workplace, in your homes, or even when using public transport and should be handled with caution. If one turns a blind eye to a decontamination cleanup, it can have adverse health effects and put the lives of those around at stake.

Biohazard contaminants and its related health risks.

Human blood and blood products, body fluids, faeces, animal waste, pathological waste, sharps and needles are common biohazards and are carriers of viruses and bacteria. These biohazards can contain pathogens that may become airborne and cause life threatening diseases. A biohazard cleanup of any type is no easy task and should be handled by none other than a professional.

When and why do you need a  decontamination cleaning professional?

If you are faced with a potential biohazardous situation that is too big or too dangerous for you to handle on your own, you will need the help of a professional. A professional biohazard cleaning company will have a dedicated team to carry out decontamination cleaning of the affected area and restore your home to a safe liveable condition, ensuring the safety of all.

At Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd, our team of decontamination cleaners use the right methods, high-quality cleaning agents, and protective gears while carrying out a decontamination cleaning process. We follow strict procedures and use advanced technology in sanitising properties. Our decontamination services cover both commercial and domestic properties – homes, offices, and hospitals in terms of accident cleanup, body fluid decontamination, blood cleanup, virus and bacteria disinfection, hospital santisation, odour control, stain removal, and more.

If taking charge of the whole cleaning process crosses your mind, think again. It can be a tedious and hazardous job posing a great risk to your health. Investing in a professional decontamination cleanup company is the safest way to get your property restored and ensure it is free from biohazard materials.

Decontamination cleanup that is efficient and reliable.

Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd. offers decontamination cleanup of the highest levels including initial preventative decontamination, regular deep cleanings, and rapid emergency response following a confirmed biohazard exposure. Our professionals are trusted, licensed and approved decontamination cleaning specialists.

COVID-19 disinfection and deep cleaning.

In the event of the coronavirus outbreak, we also provide decontamination cleaning services for commercial and residential properties that have been potentially affected with the COVID-19 virus. Our team delivers the highest professional standards possible and ensure that you and your family are safe during these tough times.
We are aware of the necessary precautions needed while cleaning and combating this pandemic and have specialised equipment for sanitising and thoroughly disinfecting surfaces.

Why choose Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd?

Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd. has a team of trained and experienced professional biohazard cleaners who can carry out the task of decontaminating your property. We operate in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW and are quick to respond. Call us on 0409037634 or drop us a message on the form below.