Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage RestorationIt is heart breaking to look at your beautiful home or elegant office in ruins due to a fire break out. And even after all the fire is put out, there is still a long path to recovery. In a time like this, a fire damage restoration service is indispensable to restore your home/office to its former state.

After the fire has died, your property and belongings are covered in nothing but soot and smoke, and if not treated right away, there could be corrosion, discoloration, deterioration and also harmful particles causing strong odours.

Biosite Cleanup is quick in responding to such situations. Our fire damage restoration team is extensively trained in using right mechanisms to clean up, repair and restore your home/office and belongings preventing further deterioration and expenses. We are a certified cleaning company, having the best of techniques in practice.

We specialise in the inspection of fire damage, fire and smoke remediation, soot clean up, upholstery and carpet cleaning, tiles and surface cleaning, smoke damage restoration, smoke odour cleanup, removal and disposal of items beyond salvage, cleaning and deodorising of property, residue cleanup, air purification and more.

Even if you’re tempted to do the cleaning on your own, it’s better to resist the idea and look for a suitable fire damage restoration expert like Biosite Cleanup. This will not only save you time and effort, but also a lot of money.

This type of cleaning demands best resources to ensure that your home/office is restored to its pre-fire condition. If the cleaning is not done precisely, it could deteriorate your assets further. And repair/replacement would mean a huge strain on your wallet. Also, the soot and smoke that has penetrated into surfaces can produce strong odours which can be harmful.

So if you are looking for a fire damage restoration specialist in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW, give us a call.