Trauma Cleaning

Trauma Cleaning

Trauma can strike at any moment and to be able to deal with the aftermath of traumatic events like an accident, or murder is just overwhelming. Biosite Cleanup offers specialised trauma cleaning services to revive any property to a fit and usable condition relieving families and businesses of the anxiety of handling the trauma cleanup process.

Our team has years of experience and the right expertise to manage trauma cleaning of any kind. We carry out all the tasks in a professional and discreet manner, paying attention to the tiniest of details to ensure no trace of the event is left.

When an accident or murder takes place, there can be blood and body fluids spread all around the property. Cleaning up the waste is not only emotionally stressful for the grieving but also dangerous to their health as they are exposed to contamination by blood pathogens which could lead to serious illnesses.

The cleaning and decontamination process is intricate and requires thorough knowledge and training to get rid of biohazardous wastes and make the property infection free.

Biosite Cleanup services include cleaning the property, removal of blood stains, fingerprint dust cleanup, removal and safe disposal of biohazardous wastes, odour removal, decontamination of property and contents, and sanitisation, to make the property inhabitable.

After a traumatic event, count on us for professional trauma cleaning services. We are available in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW. Give us a call and we will handle it all.