Hoarding & Squalor Cleanup

Hoarding and Squalor Cleanup

Hoarding involves the collection and storage of unnecessary or random items, resulting in unmanageable amounts of clutter. These items are of little or no monetary value. Squalor, on the other hand, is the state of being extremely dirty as a result of neglect. Over a period of time, accumulated clutter can make it difficult for the occupants to carry out their regular activities, and the situation can get emotionally overwhelming and physically harmful.

How can hoarding and squalor be a hindrance to everyday life?

Hoarding can be a significant problem as the clutter can interfere with everyday living. For example, clutter can build up to the point that rooms become unusable. Hoarding and squalor can pose safety risks to the individual, other household occupants, and neighbours. It can deter the quality of life, work performance, and personal hygiene and cause relationships to suffer. Often, hoarders become upset if someone tries to clear the clutter, and this can cause distress to family members.

The dangers of hoarding.

Hoarding can be very dangerous to one’s physical and mental health. In situations where the property is drowning in junk, there could be health hazards like mould growth, bad odours, and bug and rodent infestations. The hoarding environment can also be harmful to anyone who ventures inside, with the danger of tripping on hazards and clutter piles.

There is also a risk that the home or building may have been weakened structurally and not properly repaired due to the accumulated junk, with common problems of leaking pipes and other water damage.

Why do you need the help of a professional hoarding cleanup company?

Hoarding and squalor cleaning is not only a taxing job but also one that could put one’s health in danger. It requires the right knowledge, suitable equipment, protective gear, and good experience to clear up and decontaminate the affected area.

At Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd., we carry out trash clean up, debris removal, disposal of animal or human wasteodour removal, clean up of stains, and more. If water, fire, or mould damage is suspected, our restoration experts can remove the water and or mould and repair the structure to make sure that the home is safe to work in and inhabit again.

Our aim is to engage and work closely with our clients to address and improve their living situation through our professional hoarding and squalor cleaning services. We have been providing professional hoarding and squalor cleanup solutions to our clients for the last decade and continue to do so. We are a compassionate team of workers that will tend to your hoarding and squalor matters respectfully and ethically with solutions that are 100% efficient. We maintain secrecy about all our clients.

Call Bio-Cleanse Pty Ltd. to help clean up the mess.

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