When do you know if you need odour control and management?

When do you know if you need odour control and management

Odour is often a sign that bacteria are present in the environment. Odour control involves identifying these bacterial infestations and then destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause unpleasant smells. Do not just go in for temporary remedies like using deodorising sprays, etc to simply mask the odour.  Odours caused by fire and smoke, water damage, and many other contaminants should be addressed immediately. Getting rid of these odours can prove to be a major task, and is best left to professional service providers. They will ensure proper odour control and management. The odour control technicians use specialized equipment to neutralize smoke odours and wipe away other residues with unique cleaning products. 

So when should you call professional help?

When a fire has occurred in your property.

Fire and smoke will leave homes in a real mess.  But besides dealing with the fire damage, you are left with soot and ash residue. The lingering smells and smoke odour invade all areas and contents of your home. After the fire, while your structure and furniture are being restored, it is also important to clean out soot, ash, and even musty air, from the inside of your home or office.

After flooding or water damage in your property.

Excessive and prolonged dampness encourages the growth of the harmful bacteria which is the root cause of odour. The bacteria which tends to breed and cause the unpleasant odour needs to be identified immediately and destroyed. Tackle the cause not only the effect. Mould and mildew spores that can grow within 24 hours.

When you find embarrassing smells at home.

It doesn’t matter how clean you are, most people will come up against these odour issues.

Common smells in your home like cigarette smoke, paint, cooking smells, etc., can be very embarrassing for you when friends and family come to visit. Kitchens and garbage/waste collection areas are prone to rotting food smells.

If a member of the family is unwell or bed-ridden, vomit, urine, faeces, etc., tend to leave strong and pungent odours, even after several cleaning attempts.

Having pets around may be entertaining but there’s also pet odour, pet urine smells, vomit smell, etc. Depending on the season and weather, these smells can prove to be a serious health risk to persons suffering from respiratory illnesses.

Odour control in your office.

Offices regularly need the removal of odours trapped within carpets, cigarette smells and fresh paint to name just a few.

Any part of the office, especially a conference room needs attention after being newly decorated.

Professional technicians use equipment that can be utilized in most environments and are well suited to remove odours as part of your office cleaning or meeting room cleaning programme.

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