Different Levels of Hoarding

10 Tips to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding

Unlike other biohazard cleanups, a hoarding cleanup is quite different. In the sense, before commencing the cleaning activity, professional cleaners need to have a clear idea of the psychology behind hoarding. This helps to ensure the cleaning is done without worsening the hoarding situation further. It is important to take immediate action when one is found in a hoarding crisis. Professional cleaning is recommended as the cleaners are well experienced and know how to do the cleaning in a professional and discreet manner. The cleaners devise a cleaning plan based on the extent of hoarding. Below we shall study different levels to gain a better insight into hoarding situations:

The 5 levels of hoarding:

Level 1: In this phase, the house has some amount of clutter lying around. Mild pet odour along with rodent and pest activity is evident. There is no problem in accessing the doors and stairways. The living condition of the house is safe and sanitary. At this level, it is hard to recognise the situation as a hoarding problem as everything seems reasonably fine.

Level 2:  At this point, clutter can be found inhabiting several rooms. Pet faeces and dander is visible in the house. A few household appliances are not in a working condition. One exit is blocked. Housekeeping takes a back seat. The trash bins are overflowing, dirty dishes are piling up, the rodent and pest activity is high, food and surfaces are soiled, and there are unpleasant odours.

Level 3: At this stage, clutter is highly visible all around the house. Appliances are out of order and in a broken state. Pathways are congested. There is less amount of free and moving space. Pet waste and odour is highly evident. Pest infestation is observable. The house is unkempt and there’s dust and dirt everywhere causing strong odours.

Level 4: In this level, the house is in pretty bad shape. There is some amount of structural damage, mould and mildew on walls and bathrooms. The kitchen becomes dysfunctional and electronic items and appliances become hazardous. Pet faeces and dander is found in many parts of the house and pet damage is evident. In some cases, pets even multiply. The house becomes home to spiders, fleas and other pests. Bedrooms become unfit for use with all the clutter, dirty sheets and covers. Hazardous materials are accumulated in the house. Stale food and dirty utensils are found in the kitchen. At this point, the hoarder faces psychological problems.

Level 5: At this stage, hoarding is at its extreme. There are water problems, sewage problems, and risk of fire hazards alongside, major structural damages. There is an excess storage of hazardous materials in the house. There is heavy insect and pest infestation. The exits and pathways are obstructed. The house suffers from poor hygiene due to the presence of the pet and human waste. The kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms become unusable due to a high amount of litter. Overall, the house becomes a dangerous place for the hoarder to live in.

It doesn’t take long for a hoarding problem to escalate from level 1 to level 5, so in case you know of any dear one who is suffering from a hoarding problem, help them in getting the appropriate medical treatment. And for effective hoarding cleanups, contact Biosite Cleanup on 0409037634. Our technicians will clean with dedication and compassion.

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