Some Fire Safety Measures at Home

Some Fire Safety Measures at Home

Eighty-seven percent of all the fire-related deaths are due to a fire at home. Home fires tend to spread much faster and give the family members as little as 2 minutes to safely exit the house. Fire safety needs to be considered seriously as, in 2008, nearly 61,000 children died around the world died due to a fire or burn.

The following are some safety measures that can be implemented in the house to prevent any accidents from happening.

Working smoke alarms are known to bring down chances of dying by fire by more than 50%. They need to be working properly and efficiently at all times. For best safety measures, it is advisable to install fire safety alarms at every level and in every sleeping area. Regularly check the smoke alarms and replace the batteries whenever needed.

Make sure matchsticks and other flammable substances are away from children. Educate them about the dangers of such substances and teach them never to play with matches and lighters. A small accident while playing with these things can lead to a catastrophic fire. And they are kids, they experiment with things they aren’t aware of! If these substances cannot be kept out of their reach and are used in your daily life, make sure that the children are well aware of the dangers and do not play with it or use them without your guidance.

Have a fire escape plan ready and discuss it with all the family members. Practice the plan at least twice a year so everyone is well versed with it in case a fire actually takes place. Get a stopwatch and time the whole escape. Try to make it as minimal as possible. The children in the house should know how to respond to the sound of a smoke alarm. Teach them to get low and get out when they hear it. A kid who is coached ahead of time before the incident occurs has a higher chance of being safe.

In case of a fire, the first thing to do is get out and stay out. No matter how valuable the things in the house are, your life is more valuable and cannot be gambled with. Call the authorities immediately.

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