College and Suicide – The Unwanted Combo

College and Suicide – The Unwanted Combo
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College students have much to deal with while in college other than studying and scoring grades. For most, college is a place to meet people, get involved and socialise. On the other hand, for some, it turns out to be their worst nightmare. And the saddening part is that instead of seeking professional or even friendly help, they turn to suicide.

In recent years, suicide has become a growing cause of death in children between the ages of 15 to 19. And it is frequently regarded as the second major cause of death between ages 25-34.

College students seem to get affected due to the huge leap between school and college and the difficulty to cope up with the pace, larger classes, increased demands on their time, and more challenging subject matter. Even academically gifted students sometimes struggle. Further, what is considered exceptional in one school may be average in another, giving rise to additional stress on the students.

And even after getting into a good college, the burden of student loans persists. Incase of grants or scholarships, the student may endure additional pressure trying to maintain the benefits or compete with other applicants to receive additional funding.

College counselling centers are good outlets for the students.  However, since the mental illness, depression, and stress are viewed as weaknesses, even when appropriate resources are available, students don’t always take advantage of them.

How can you help? Parents should keep themselves aware of the resources available to their children, and encourage them to take advantage of the assistance, even if they choose not to discuss it with their families. Various colleges offer informal campus peer groups where young adults can discuss their problems and find assistance.

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