FAQs on Flooring and Blood Cleanup

FAQs on Flooring and Blood Cleanup
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Biohazard cleaning involves the removal of biohazardous wastes from surfaces and decontaminating the area to make it safe for use. When a tragic event like a crime scene or murder takes place, the cleaning process often involves cleaning up of blood spills from the walls, floors, carpets, and other surfaces. Often people have questions related to their carpet and flooring, some of which we have addressed in our points below.

Will I have to get rid of my carpet? 

If you own a stain-resistant carpet, it makes it simpler to get rid of most stains promptly. But if the blood has already seeped through, there are chances of bacteria getting trapped in the fibers. Based on the size and extent of damage, one could choose to cut out the affected portion and replace it with new carpeting. At Biosite Cleanup, we assess the entire affected area, including the flooring beneath your carpet. We then remediate it with proper care to avoid any further damages/problems.

To prevent biohazard damage, what are my best flooring options?

Non-porous flooring is a good option as it prevents contaminants from seeping through, making it easier to clean and avoid damage. You could opt for vinyl composition or ceramic tiles for your flooring. If you are looking for something that looks appealing you could go with non-porous sealants like Dur-A-Flex that is durable, sanitary, and easy to maintain.

Will my damaged carpet get covered by insurance?

Some policies do cover accidental damage, and other companies cover some or the entire cost for crime scene cleaning. Contact your agent and find out what your current policy covers and what would be your next best policy option.

How does biohazard cleaning work on semi-porous materials?

Wood, plastic, concrete, fall under the semi-porous category and are known to be stain resistant. But these materials are not bacteria resistant. Hence when the surface is highly contaminated and the damage is beyond repair, we at Biosite cleanup recommend the removal of such materials for safety reasons.

Is there a need to hire services of a professional cleaning company?

Although one may feel it is simple to clean a blood spill or remove a contaminated carpet, bear in mind the affected areas are considered as medical waste and call for responsible disposal in accordance with laws. Lacking knowledge and essential equipment can make it difficult to determine the level of damage. And if the cleaning is not done properly, it could worsen the damage and also lead to health problems. Biosite Cleanup employs state of the art techniques when it comes to surveying and remediating your damaged property to ensure your property is biohazard free.

When you find biohazard waste expelled onto your carpet or other porous surfaces, it is advisable to remove them to prevent bacterial growth, odour and health hazards.

In the occurrence of a tragic event, don’t despair. Biosite Cleanup provides effective cleaning solutions for blood spills. Call us on 0409037634  or visit us at http://biositecleanup.com.au/

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