Top Tips After a Fire – What you should be doing
A fire in a home can cause serious damage. Your home and many of the things in it may have been badly damaged or ruined by flames, heat, smoke and with water used to put out the flames. Most things you want to reuse will need to be carefully cleaned. It is important to understand the risk to your safety and health even after the fire is out. Knowing where to begin and who can
Crime scene cleanup vs Crime scene investigation
‘Murder’, ‘Assault’ these are terms related to a crime scene. A question we often encounter is the difference between, ‘crime scene cleaning’ & ‘crime scene investigation’? A crime scene cleanup refers to cleaning up blood, body fluids, removal of another potentially harmful biohazardous material. The cleaners also protect any evidence if they find during their cleanups. Crime scene cleanup process is performed after the crime scene investigation has taken place. A crime scene cleaner works
emergency response
We cannot escape death as it is a part of life.  At Biosite Cleanup, we deal with the most gruesome homicide, accidental death cleanup situations. We are specialised in removing and disposing of any biohazardous material in an area of potential threat to human life. How can you tell if the situation you face requires an emergency response? If a situation involves blood, any harmful material, body fluids then you need to call us. If
The Importance of Immediate Squatter Cleanup
Pic credits: If you have a long vacant or recently vacated property, one of your main concerns will be the threat of squatters and a squatter cleanup. The longer a squatter cleanup is left, the worse it will get. Expecting a homeowner or relatives to help in the cleanup in such situations can be a very difficult experience. Due to the unsafe nature of squatter cleanup, it is strongly recommended to use the services