10 Tips to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding

10 Tips to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding
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Embarrassed that your guests have to leave due to the unnecessary clutter at your home? It’s time you take a step to control your hoarding tendencies. We understand that it is difficult to discard or part with personal possessions. But if this is filling up and cluttering your living areas, here are some tips to help you tackle hoarding.

1. Set a deadline to the hoarding cleanup.
A goal will keep you motivated to finish the job.

2. Make a plan and start slow.
Plan to go through a small space/room each week. Focus on one drawer/shelf or collection at a time.

3. Decide to ‘Keep’ or ‘Toss’.
Don’t throw out everything at once as it may lead to feelings of regret and anxiety.
Make a quick decision on whether you are keeping or tossing an item and move on to the next one.

3. Sort out clutter-causing unimportant papers.
Newspapers, magazines, supermarkets brochures, etc can be sold or thrown away.
Choose and keep only 2-3 pieces of children’s artwork, childhood report cards, etc.

4. Reduce, Donate, Repurpose and Upcycle.
Try to get rid of extras. Consider donating any unused items that are still in an OK condition.
Some things may also be creatively transformed for reuse.

5. Have a storage system that will help avoid the accumulation of clutter.
Hoarders normally aren’t ready to part with their possessions.
Sort and box them by type and label them – things to keep, to donate, to sell or give away.
Sealing the boxes prevents items from getting damaged and stacking helps save space.

6. Stay focused and motivated.
Avoid spending time poring over old photos, diaries or love letters.
Set them aside in a box for sorting later.
Listen to music. Your favourite upbeat tunes will keep you motivated while you work.

7. Track your progress.
Regularly check on the plan set out. If you are off track, quickly develop a plan to get back on track.
Taking ”Before and After” photos can show your progress as you clear out each space.
This will motivate you and help you gain more confidence.

8. Quit impulsive shopping.
Avoid temptations and unnecessary purchases when shopping.
This will help control any more clutter in your home.

9. Ask for help.
Friends and family can provide strong motivation and helps against social isolation.
Compulsive hoarding is a potentially serious mental health issue.
It is important to get professional help from someone who is experienced in its treatment.

10. Reward yourself.
Take time to congratulate yourself on a job well done and appreciate the beauty of your home.
After all the hard work is done, relax and maintain your home clutter-free.

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