Common Myths About Cleaning Blood Spills

  Blood spills can contain deadly pathogens that can cause serious health problems. Hence it is important for you to have the right knowledge and tools to ensure a blood cleanup is done right without risking your health. Following are common myths about cleaning blood spills. Bleach is the ultimate solution for cleaning blood spills Bleach is usually considered to be the best solution when it comes to cleaning blood spills. But in reality, Chlorine bleach… Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of a House Fire [Infographic]

Every year, thousands of homes get affected by house fires and properties worth millions are damaged. Fires of any type can cause great destruction to property and can leave unhealthy smoke and soot along the way. Residual smoke and soot seep through layers of property, creating a hazardous atmosphere for the residents. When it comes to house fires, more often it is simple negligence on the part of homeowners that lead to a fire breakout…. Read More

6 Signs of Mould in Your Home

If you suffer from allergies when indoors, there’s a probability of mould growing in your home. Some of the allergic reactions of mould include sneezing, a runny nose, congestion and dry skin. Below are common signs to look out for which could indicate the presence of mould in your home.