Recognising the symptoms of hoarding disorder

Pic credit: Flickr Hoarding occurs when a person has a persistent difficulty in discarding or parting with possessions. Due to a perceived need to save their belongings, these objects begin to pile up and fill the home. Hoarding ranges from mild to severe and can impede someone’s quality of life. It can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and even potential health risks. The problem is that hoarding develops gradually and over time. It may be some… Read More

The importance of preventing sharps and needle stick injuries

Needle stick injuries are wounds caused by needles that accidentally puncture the skin. Sharps basically include any object that is able to cut the skin, such as scalpels, razor blades, scissors, metal wire, pins, staples, cutters, and glass items. Needle stick and sharps injuries are a major hazard for people who work with hypodermic syringes and other needle equipment. They may happen at any time of using, disassembling, or disposal. The risk of sharps and… Read More