Traumatic Scenes Require Professional Forensic Cleaning Services.

Traumatic Scenes Require Professional Forensic Cleaning Services.

After any horrible accident or death occurs, and when the police have finished their investigations, they hand over the property to the owners. This is when immediate arrangements need to be made for the area to be forensically cleaned.

When faced with a cleanup of unexpected traumatic events, you need forensic cleaning specialists to keep you and your family safe. Biosite Cleanup manages trauma cleaning and any type of biohazard cleaning with sensitivity and the utmost respect to families. We provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week service that you can depend upon.

What does a professional trauma cleaner do?

Trauma cleaning is a highly specialised and technical field. A professional trauma cleaner works to remove biohazardous material. The trauma-affected area and its surroundings are cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitised. Through the entire cleaning process, they ensure to mitigate any further damage or loss. Any contamination present at a trauma scene caused by pathogens, bacteria, and chemicals will be handled in the right way.

All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned.

All physical evidence of the trauma has to be removed. Any remaining traces of blood and other bodily fluid need to be properly cleared away too. Deodorising and disinfecting the area ensures returning the area to a sanitary condition.

Forensic cleaning technicians are trained.

Every aspect of trauma and death cleaning requires highly skilled forensic cleaning technicians. Removal and disposal of any biohazardous materials is not a task that every person can handle.

All of our specialist teams at Biosite Cleanup are certified and undergo regular training necessary to manage trauma and crime scenes.

Trauma cleaners follow best practice in industry protocol.

Specialised equipment is required to manage blood and bodily fluids safely. To ensure all risk of blood-borne diseases is effectively eliminated it is also important to use the right antimicrobial and disinfecting chemicals.

Through a step-by-step process, we will work hard to ensure all potential health hazards are removed.

Trauma cleaning is handled with compassion and discretion.

The trauma cleaning team has to be professional when dealing with the family going through the emotional impact of the event. Our friendly teams work rapidly to ensure causing the least amount of disturbance to the family.

Discretion is important to avoid neighbours asking any questions which could further prolong the trauma. With Biosite Cleanup, your privacy is always maintained during such a difficult time.

Biosite Cleanup is a leading trauma cleaning company in Goulburn, Australia.

At Biosite Cleanup, we take pride in our work. Our primary duty is to restore your property to a safe, pristine, and fully habitable condition.

We have intricate knowledge of biohazards and the personal risks that trauma scenes pose. Our specialised teams are prompt in responding to any cleanup crisis arising from traumatic events, fire damage, water damage, squalor, etc.

With our personal touch, we aim to ease the pressures of what is likely to be a very traumatic time for all involved. Contact Biosite Cleanup to assess the situation and safely remediate the affected areas. We are experts in our field with years of experience in the biohazard cleaning industry.

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