Mould Growth at Home: How Can You Prevent It?

Prevent Mould Growth at Home

Mould is harmful and can cause various health problems. Mould thrives mostly in humid and damp environments. It can spread very quickly and easily, becoming a serious issue.

Knowing all you can about mould will help you in immediately handling any mould issues you come across.  Though you may have confidence in D-I-Y techniques, they only provide temporary solutions to the mould problem. For peace of mind and to avoid any health risks involved, always contact a professional company like Biosite Cleanup to eradicate any mould growth and contamination.

Mould is a common problem for property owners.

It is a known fact that mould needs less than 48 hours to begin growing. But did you know that even dead mould spores are just as harmful as live ones?

Unfortunately, some modern-day building practices and constructions actually promote mould growth. Certain types of building materials can be porous and thus very susceptible to mould.

Homes are also built to be energy and space-efficient. So they may have water pipes hidden inside walls and insulation, running throughout the home. These are a cause of concern if they get damaged.

In case your home has experienced any previous flooding, ensure that the restoration work is up to standards. Else it’s very likely that you may have some form of mould growth.

Where to look for signs of mould growth?

Have you seen any ugly mould patches or signs of mould growth in home? A regular check of all areas of your home should be done. Knowing where to check for mould growth can help with mould prevention and mould removal.

It can be easy to mistake mould for surface dirt. Mould can sometimes look like dirt stuck to upholstery, furniture, window frames, walls and ceilings. While some types of mould appear white and thread-like, other types appear in clusters, brown rings or spots of grey, dark green or black.

You may have found a musty odour in the bathroom or found mould on your shower curtains. Some of the most common places mould can be found are in basement corners, bathrooms and toilets.

Mould also tends to grow in areas that could be hidden away from sight. Areas that are air-tight, lack proper ventilation, remain damp or have been affected by water damage or floods are also ideal places for mould growth.

Tips to control mould growth in your home.

  • Regularly keep windows open and run bathroom fans. Keep air ducts clean and in good condition. Ensure good air circulation throughout your home.
  • Indoor humidity levels should be kept below 45percent. This inhibits any mould growth.
  • Inspect the property at regular intervals. Early detection helps to prevent mould from spreading any further.
  • Keep any repairs up-to-date and prevent excessive moisture from entering the home. Pay attention to the plumbing system, HVAC system, roofs, walls and foundation.
  • Reduce the potential for mould growth on walls by adding mould inhibitors to paint before its application.
  • Remove any items and material already affected by mould to prevent mould spores contaminating other items.

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