Health Effects of Long-Term Mould Exposure

Health Effects of Long-Term Mould Exposure

No one wants to find mould in their home. Unfortunately, mould can appear almost anywhere – on the wall, under a sink or in a basement. Mould can grow anywhere in a home, especially in areas that are moist, exposed to damp air or are poorly ventilated. Some people may not feel any effects of mould at the time of exposure. However as time goes by they may start to feel like something isn’t right.

Types of Mould

There are numerous types of mould. The harmful types of mould fall into three types:

Allergenic mould – if exposure is limited this is usually least harmful to people,

Pathogenic mould – can cause infections in persons with a weakened immune system, and strongly affect persons with allergies and other health concerns,

Toxigenic mould – can cause severe health problems as they release mycotoxins into the air and body.

What Makes Mould Dangerous?

Toxigenic mould like black mould produces mould spores.  As mould grows it can release mycotoxins into the air and cause ill health effects. Some people may be more sensitive to mould than others. Inhaling even a small number of mould spores can lead to them developing respiratory symptoms.

High concentrations of these mycotoxins can cause mould poisoning also known as mycotoxicosis in almost anyone.

What are the Symptoms of Long-Term Mould Exposure?

Some of the symptoms associated with allergenic mould are skin and eye irritation, runny nose, coughing, mucus, sore throat and asthma.

In infants, exposure to a specific type of fungal mould called Penicillium, may cause a persistent cough, wheezing and similar mould-related respiratory problems. There is a higher probability of developing respiratory symptoms during their first year of life in cases of increased exposure.

Even in healthy persons, pathogenic moulds are known to cause severe infections and worsen symptoms of acute illnesses.

Toxigenic moulds are most commonly found in homes and cause a great deal of stress on the body.

People with long term exposure to mould and increased toxicity may also experience symptoms like persistent migraines and headaches, random muscle cramps and exhaustion. In more severe cases, exposed persons may also suffer from sensitivity to light.  

Health Issues Caused by Mould Exposure

Prolonged exposure to mould can be harmful to anybody regardless of your current health. Depending on the time and nature of exposure to mould, it can cause ill effects or more severe reactions. Long-term exposure to mould can affect a person physically as well as mentally and psychologically.

A lot of research has gone into the study of the physical symptoms of long-term mould exposure. Physical illnesses caused by mould have also been excessively documented.

Some of the illnesses are mould allergies, lung infections like Pneumonia, respiratory illnesses like Asthma and Bronchitis, and infections like Aspergillosis. Mould exposure can compromise a person’s immune system and aggravate existing medical conditions.

Prolonged exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems and, in some cases can be particularly harmful, leading to death.

Newer research also looks into the connection between long-term mould exposure and some psychological issues. Persons affected by long term exposure to mould may experience loss of appetite, unexplained weight gain and hair loss. They may also face confusion, have difficulty in concentration, suffer from insomnia and experience anxiety and depression. If the exposed person suffers from some form of prior brain injury, these issues can go from bad to worse. All this leads to exhaustion and is eventually going to have an impact on their mental health.

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An investigation into the home or workplace may be necessary if you or a family member has been experiencing any of the above symptoms without explanation.

Take mould growth seriously – it’s better to be safe than sorry. Seek treatment from a doctor soon as soon as possible.

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