Workplace Biohazards – The Different Types of Hazards

Workplace Biohazards - The Different Types of Hazards

When you heard the word biohazard, the first thought that comes to your mind is “hazmat suits” and “toxic material”. Biohazards are mostly related to health-related disease and illness.  When dealing with biohazard material it’s best to take precautions whether you are at home or your workplace.

There are different types of hazardous. OSHA defines these occupational hazardous as:

1)    Safety Hazards – The most common type of biohazards and will be present in the most working environment.  The causes for this could lead to major injuries and even death. Some examples spill on the floor & moving parts that a worker can accidentally touch, etc.

2)    Physical Hazard – The factors which are present in the environment that can harm living organisms without necessarily touching it. This includes exposure to UV rays, radiation (microwaves, EMF’s, etc)

3)    Chemical Hazard – In a workplace, when a worker is exposed to any chemical preparation. This could lead to some serious illness or breathing problems. This hazard may include vapors and fumes from solvents, pesticides, flammable materials like gasoline, solvents.

4)    Work Organization Hazard – Hazardous that can cause stress which can include short term or long term stress. An example could be any workplace violence or lack of social support, sexual harassment.

5)    Ergonomic Hazard – This occurs when the body is put under strain due to working conditions. A short-term effect could lead to health issues like sore muscles and long-term exposure to lead to serious illnesses.

6)    Biological Hazard – Anything of biological origin that can cause harm to humans or living organism. Like Bacteria and viruses, insect bites and blood spills include biological hazards.

Not only workplaces like hospitals that deal with biohazards materials like surgical gloves, and medical sharps have to be concerned about biohazards but even those who are working with waste management, manufacturing or law enforcement are also at the risk of toxic exposure.

Here are some precautions that you can take at your workplace:

  • Make sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap and to be hygienic.
  • Use proper equipment to dispose of any biohazard material.
  • Report any accidents to your supervisor.
  • Wear personal protective equipment such as shields, respirators, aprons etc while dealing with the biohazardous material.

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