What You Need to Know Before Cleaning Up a Blood Scene


Blood Cleanup

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Sometimes, accidents happen in life even if you are keen-eyed. When accidents occur at home, you should first be concerned about the victim, followed by your possessions and the cleanup of contaminated items and the place. There are several reasons why hiring a professional blood cleaning company would be a better alternative rather than attempting to clean up the scene by yourself. Here are all the risks you need to be aware of while dealing with a blood scene cleanup.

Possible Infections

Exposure to blood can cause serious diseases as blood is a carrier of chronic pathogens like Hepatitis, AIDS/HIV, and MRSA among others. Besides you might never know the medical history of the victim involved in the accident. If you attempt to clean up a blood scene on your own, you may succeed in cleaning the stains but infectious viruses can linger on surfaces even after blood is cleaned.  Moreover, the use of rubber gloves while cleaning does not give complete protection. Hence it’s best recommended to call up a professional to handle the scene.

Improper Cleaning

Even though housekeepers can do an excellent job of cleaning, it is completely unsafe to handle such situations without the help of experts. Without the right skills and equipment, cleaning the scene can pose serious risks to both the person involved in the cleaning process and the individuals living around. Also, it is likely that cleaning blood from carpets and other materials is a tough task. Any attempt to clean such stains can spread pathogens in your home.

Unsafe means of disposal

Disposing of large blood sheets and other items contaminated by blood would require specialized disposal methods to prevent health-related risks. A Biohazard cleaning company like Biosite Cleanup has the adequate knowledge, equipment and a skilled cleaning crew to clean up the most gruesome blood stains.

Worsens the psychological trauma

It’s not easy to see someone you care about get hurt. People react to traumatic events differently and deal with a great psychological trauma. Cleaning up the scene can be a very traumatic process. It’s best to leave the cleaning process in the hands of professionals and take the time out to grieve the loss.

Biosite Cleanup Services include cleaning property, removal and safe disposal of bio-hazardous wastes, decontamination of property, sanitisation and removal of blood stains to make the property inhabitable. For trauma cleaning services in Goulburn, contact Biosite Cleanup on 0409037634


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