What Services to Expect from a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire Damage Restoration

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Seeing your home consumed by fire can be a horrible experience for any homeowner. All the soot and smoke left behind by fire can have a devastating effect not just on the property but also on one’s health. Even though the damage is visible it is hard to tell the exact extent of damage. Hence, it is important to call for the services of a professional fire damage restoration company. They offer a range of services to clean and remediate your property thoroughly. Some of the services offered are described below.

1. Evaluation of site:
Every fire damage restoration process begins with an evaluation of the affected site. Professional cleaners thoroughly assess the extent of damage done by fire. The level of damage done to walls and furnishings as well as the amount of smoke, fume residues and soot left on surfaces is examined carefully.

2. Removal of soot:
Fire damage restoration professionals eradicate all the soot from the property and belongings using specialised tools and equipment. They remove even the tiniest of particles to restore your property to a soot-free environment.

3. Smoke damage repair:
Smoke travels to areas which are not even reached by fire. Hence, professional cleaners along with cleaning up all the soot, also remediate all the smoke damage in the cleanup process.

4. Odour removal:
With the help of deodorising tools and techniques, fire damage restoration professionals eliminate all the strong and toxic odours that linger in the property after a fire.

5. Extraction of water:
Along with fire damage, a property could also suffer from water damage for several reasons – pipe burst, sprinklers or water used to put out the fire. Before the cleanup begins, fire damage restoration professionals extract all the water and use dehumidifiers to dry the area. This helps to prevent any further damage.

6. Restoration of contents:
Items that are salvageable are carefully cleaned, deodorised and restored by professionals. Items that are damaged and have become harmful are removed and disposed of in a safe manner.

Apart from these services, there’s a lot more a fire damage restoration company offers. If you ever find yourself in need of fire damage restoration services, turn to Biosite Cleanup. Call 0409037634 to know more.

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