Tips for Cleaning Your Home after Water Damage

water damage
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Even though water is a basic necessity for human survival, water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage to your prized belongings along with damage to the property. Acting quickly in case of a water damage crisis can help reduce the damage to a great extent. Although some things like furniture and carpets can be salvaged by quick response, electronics that come in contact with water are probably doomed.

Although it feels like water can’t do much harm, it can significantly affect your lifestyle and health when you’re living in the house. A small amount of water, even in the basement can give rise to mould which will not only affect your furniture, carpets, and other household goods but also affect the air quality in the house. This can cause various respiratory problems like asthma and can lead to severe illness.

Here are some of our tips to deal with a flooded house and minimise the after-effects of a water damage:

    • Disconnect power to electrical appliances and make sure that you remove everything from the affected area immediately:  The faster you get items out of the water, higher are the chances that you will be able to save them. Pull up any wall/floor carpets if you can. You might end up saving them if you manage to get them dried and disinfected.


    • Get rid of the water:  There are several ways to get rid of water. If you are scared of loose wires and don’t want to use equipment, you can follow the good old bucket method to get rid of extra water. You can also use old towels to soak water from areas that are difficult for you to reach. While using any electrical equipment, be sure that you plug them in a socket far away from the water damaged area.


    • Dry out the infected area:  After you have removed the water, make sure the area is properly dried out using a fan or dehumidifier.


    • Disinfect:  Once the area has been dried out, disinfect the walls and floors to kill any bacteria that could have come with the water. Since the origins of the water are not known, it is best to disinfect all of the areas that were affected by water damage.


  • Prevent Mould Growth: Once all of the above is done, you have to make sure that there is no mould growth post water clean-up. As discussed before, mould growth can cause serious health issues.

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All that is said and done, sometimes after going through a devastating incident, you cannot possibly do everything on your own. That is when you need professional water damage restoration services. Biosite Cleanup is an expert cleaning service that will give your home a complete water damage restoration service after the incident and restore it back to normal. Visit our website to know more about our services or call us at 0409037634.

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