Types of Waters in Water Damage

Types of Waters in Water Damage

Water damage can be due to a variety of reasons like a leaky pipe, incursion from heavy rains,
flooding, or even broken pipes in the vicinity of your house or office. But did you know that there are three different categories of water that could affect the safety of people in different ways? Since each of the reasons mentioned above brings water from different areas and contains different constituents, they pose different types of potential hazards. Below mentioned are the different types of water and why the distinctions are important, along with considerations for cleanup with each type of water.

Clean water:

While evaluating the type of water damage, the source is the first place you start! As expected, clean water will originate from either of the sanitary water sources like water pipes, steam lines or rainwater. Water in this category normally smells and looks like the normal tap water. Normally, this type of water does not pose any health risk unless it is an old house or the water comes in contact with harmful contaminants. That being said, it is best to get a cleanup done within 24-48 hours of water accumulation to prevent any major damage to the building structure.

Grey water:

Grey water can originate from a variety of places and can thus carry a wide range of contaminants with it. The health risk posed by grey water can be from mild to severe regardless of the odour or the way it looks. Sources of grey water include backed up storm drains, treated cooling water, some surface water, and water from fire suppression systems or even discharge from equipment.

Black water:

Black water is the worst and the most harmful type of water among the three. It contains infectious viruses, bacteria, parasites, and toxic and allergenic materials. Black water typically appears cloudy and smells. Since it poses a severe health risk, it is best to keep away from this category of water and get a professional cleanup done.

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