Top Tips After a Fire – What You Should Be Doing

Top Tips After a Fire - What you should be doing

A fire in a home can cause serious damage. Your home and many of the things in it may have been badly damaged or ruined by flames, heat, smoke and with water used to put out the flames. Most things you want to reuse will need to be carefully cleaned. It is important to understand the risk to your safety and health even after the fire is out. Knowing where to begin and who can help you is important.

The soot and dirty water left behind may contain things that could make you sick. Do not go into your home and touch any fire damaged items. You need to follow the advice of the fire department, local building officials, your insurance agent, and restoration specialists before starting to clean or make repairs on your own.

Things you should do while a fire restoration is being done at your home.

Take care of yourself and family– Do not eat, drink or breathe in anything that has been near the flames, smoke, soot, or water used to put the fire out.

Care for your pets– If you have pets, find and comfort them. Scared animals often react by biting or scratching. Try to leave pets with friends or family member. Keep your pets out of the house until the cleanup is complete to keep them safe.

Security and Safety– Do not enter a damaged home or apartment unless the restoration specialists say it is safe. Roofs and floors may be damaged and could fall down. Make sure all the utility services (water, electricity and gas) are safe to use. Do not try to turn them back on by yourself.

Areas that need fire restoration

Repairing smoke damaged walls
Walls, wall paper and paint get damaged due to the smoke. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry before painting.

Get rid of mould and mildew
Fire damage restoration professionals will deal with mould and mildew that may grow by the water used to extinguish a fire. This is very important as it can cause serious health problems, and can contaminate furniture, carpets, clothing, mattresses, walls and vents. You should air out every room and clean out all vents and filters.

Repairing Flooring & Carpet
Your floors and carpets will end up absorbing a lot of water. Remove and replace any carpets, vinyl/wood flooring.

Cleaning Clothing
Smoky clothes need to be professionally dry cleaned. Or should be discarded if they are in a bad condition.

Cleaning utensils
Scrub all dishes well, let them soak in a solution of bleach and water (2 tablespoons of bleach per gallon) for at least 20 minutes and scrub some more for safety. However, rubber or wooden dishes that absorb smoke should be thrown away. Do not risk your health as these utensils will be in contact with your food and can cause health problems.

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