Tips for Hoarding Cleanup

Tips for Hoarding Cleanup
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Hoarding cleanup could possibly be one of the most time consuming and challenging jobs that exist. It is not just about organising and cleaning but there’s a lot more that goes into it especially when the house is infested with rats, mice, roaches, and other animals and has become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Here are some simple tips to ease up the hoarding cleanup process.

1.Understand what is hoarding and what it isn’t: Hoarding disorder is categorized by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a disorder related to OCD. If you think you have a hoarding problem, reach out to the nearest specialist and seek help.
Equip yourself with gloves and face masks: As we mentioned earlier, a hoarded house can be infested with various kinds of bacteria. You are bound to get exposed to these while cleaning. So it is best to protect yourself with gloves and an appropriate face mask. Personal safety should be of utmost priority before taking up any cleaning task.

2.Start slow: Don’t go through stuff in the entire house all at the same time and dump it all in the trash. This could lead to deep regret and anxiety. Handling one room, or one part of the house at a time is advisable.

3.Sort items into three categories: The items could be separated into three different categories; items to keep, items to donate and items to the trash. Generally, the items which have not been used for over a year or the ones that are broken go straight to the trash. And it is always advisable to donate whatever you feel is not useful. Something that is unnecessary for you could turn out to be useful for someone else.

4.You may need help: There’s a lot that goes into hoarding cleanup and an individual who is suffering from hoarding disorder may find it very difficult to clean it. Professional help is the best option for such scenarios. Also, some hoarded houses may require additional manpower and the expertise of a professional cleaning company.

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