The Importance of an Immediate Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration
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When a fire breaks out, it can burn everything with it and the devastation can be quite serious. Not only do you have to deal with the fire damage, but the doused property will have a significant amount of water damage resulting from firefighters extinguishing the fire and smoke. Following the fire, your house may look like a real mess and the sight of it may get you down. At times like these, you may have to call a professional biohazard cleaning company to help you with fire damage restoration. And it is of utmost importance to carry out the restoration process immediately following the incident.

Learn why it is important to start fire damage restoration immediately after the fire is extinguished.

Why an immediate fire damage restoration is needed?

Often not much thought is put into fire damage restoration and the process takes a backseat or is altogether skipped. At times, the cleanup is attempted by family members or other unskilled individuals.

Delaying fire damage restoration can have a serious impact on your home. It could lead to lingering smoke deposits, residues from the fire and other odours in your house, which if left unattended could have adverse health effects on the occupants and over a period of time, make your home unfit to live in.

After a house fire is extinguished, soot particles settle into almost everything like walls, ceilings and other items that survived the damage. If this soot is not quickly removed by professionals it will lead to permanent discolouration.

Postponing the restoration process could also mean fixing more repairs and could also worsen the damage. To revert the damages in the shortest possible time and avoid long term issues, it’s important to have immediate fire damage restoration.

What is the fire damage restoration process?

Now that it is clear that it’s important to have an immediate fire damage restoration done following a fire breakout, it may also help to understand what exactly is covered in the process.

  • When the cleaning process begins, items are divided into two categories, salvageable and beyond repair.
  • The property is thoroughly ventilated using industrial-sized fans to let out any remaining smoke.
  • The ceilings and walls are cleaned for any soot particles.
  • A deodorisation process is also carried out to ensure the area is odour free.
  • Vacuum cleaners are used to clean the flooring as well as carpets and upholstery.
  • The surfaces of all items are cleaned using specialised cleaning solutions to ensure no remnants of smoke or soot. Usually, alkaline cleaners are used by professionals to neutralise acids present in the soot.
What you may need to do:

While the fire damage restoration company are on their way and will handle the majority of the process, you may still need to carry out a few tasks on your own to minimise the damage. Keep in mind to wear appropriate clothing while handling these tasks, preferably a t-shirt with long sleeves and full pants, along with gloves. A mask should also be worn for respiratory protection. Below are a few tips to help you minimise the initial damage.

  • Ventilate the house:
    Keep all doors and windows open, to let the smoke and contaminated air out. Even though professional cleaners may use large sized industrial exhaust fans to keep the smoke moving out, this simple tip will make their work easier and will minimise the damage by preventing soot from settling in the walls.
  • Damaged fabrics:
    Clothing, curtains and other fabrics that have been in contact with smoke will need to be washed. Use an alkaline cleaner to wash damaged fabrics as it neutralises the acids in soot. This will mask up the smoky smell from fabrics. Carpets, rugs and other expensive fabrics may need professional dry cleaning services.

If your home has suffered any fire damage, wait no longer. Call Biosite Cleanup immediately for professional fire damage restoration services. We respond to distress calls in the nick of time and will dispatch a team of highly trained professionals to analyse the damage and restore your property back to normal.

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