Professional odour removal is important for your business

Professional odour removal is important for your business

The first impression is usually the most important in any business. And when it come to your office premises, it’s not just the look but also the smell. If you have a lot of visitors to your office, bad odours can become a problem for your business. Odours may be of the lingering type or come from customers as well as your own employees. Using any odour removal products can help reduce the problem to some extent. But to ensure you have a complete odour-free environment, its best to call on the specialists. A professional odour removal agency will have certified professionals trained and experienced in dealing with odour control & cleanup.

What can be considered as an odour nuisance?
Odour is a very complex thing to quantify and qualify. It can vary from person to person and smell to smell. Some odours can be very pungent at extremely low concentrations whereas some bad odours lose their smell at very high concentrations. Some fruity odours can be tolerable but other odours can be extremely unpleasant when they are putrid, fishy and ammonia-like.

How can odour be measured or identified?
Most odourous air contains a mixture of smelly substance. And each of these odours can have different thresholds. The standard method for measuring odours is the olfactory method, where samples of air are taken from the odourous source and measured by a panel of people. However, odour removal specialists will have trusted systems and detection equipment to locate the source and to identify the odour.

Different problems require different solutions.
Once the odour and its source has been narrowed down, the next step is to decide on the best method to perform odour removal services. Make sure the professional agency that you hire uses only quality products to eliminate the unpleasant odours. Sprays and other regular odour-eliminating products can be potentially irritating and may end up as just a temporary cover-up.

What are the different odours in an office environment?
Common lingering odours are like those of coffee, tea, breakfast/lunch/ snacks, etc. These can be tolerable to some persons while others may be extremely sensitive to them. Other odours like those from biological materials like urine, faeces and human decomposition are some of the nastier odours. Odours from smoke or fire damage can also be quite harmful to those already suffering from respiratory problems.
Odour from biological materials like urine, faeces, smoke, disaster contaminates, mould/moisture problems & human decomposition are some of the nastiest odours. One needs to be very cautious as these source materials can migrate through the flooring, subflooring, insulation, ceiling, floor and subfloor.

Choose the right time.
Odour removal should be done at a time when it is least disturbing to the employees and their daily work schedule. The cleaning specialists should do their best to accommodate any schedule and shouldn’t waste your time.

If you need to get rid of odours at your business premises, get in touch with us. We operate in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW.
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