Odours at Home You Can’t Ignore

Odours at Home You Can’t Ignore

How disgusting is it to enter a room only to be enveloped by strong unpleasant foul odours, smacking straight at your senses? Sometimes living in our homes every day makes us so used to the smells around that we have turned nose-blind to them. Such smells can make our homes uninviting to visitors and should not go unnoticed. Here are a few odours you can’t ignore at home and a few tips and tricks to get rid of them.

1. Musty Smells

Musty describes a stale and mouldy smell and stems from a combination of moisture, lack of fresh air and dampness, making your home feel less welcoming. Small mildew spores can grow all around the place and can be quite disgusting. These spores can have a toll on people suffering from allergies or asthma. A simple damp cloth, moist areas in the bathroom, under the sink areas, behind toilets and leaky pipes are some common sources of musty smells. These smells can be eliminated by locating them at the source and making sure the area is damp free. Open up packed rooms to let fresh air circulate through. If at all you detect mould growing around the place, in particular, black mould ask a specialist for help.

2. Cigarette Smoke

Don’t be surprised if your home smells like cigarette smoke despite you or a neighbour not being a smoker. Third-hand smoke from a previous smoker can linger on for years and should be of great concern. The particles of the smoke settle into carpets, bed linens, table tops, kitchen counters and exposure to it can pose quite a risk on one’s health. Young infants are most vulnerable to it as they stick their fingers in their mouth. Besides having bad health impacts, third-hand smoke can spark fumes when ignited. It’s best to get your home deep cleaned if you sniff around scents of cigarette smoke.

3. Freshly Painted Walls

 New paint can have a typical smell and can be pleasant to many. But breathing it all in can be unsafe for your health. Most paints emit a Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) as they dry and can be hazardous to breathe in. Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, headaches, nausea and fatigue are a few undesirable effects of VOCs. These are generally at a higher concentration when indoors as compared to outdoors. A fix to this odour would be to buy low or no-VOC paint brands and keep the windows and doors open after painting for ventilation.

4. Smoky Smell

Smoke from a fireplace at home is fine but smoke from any other sources should raise eyebrows and be on the top of every homeowner’s checklist. Smoke at home doesn’t necessarily mean you could have something burning in flames but at the same time shouldn’t be ignored too. It could arise from faulty appliances and be a potential threat for fire accidents. Also, burnt marks on socket outlets should not be ignored. Get the wiring repaired by a technician or call the fire department if you sniff smoke at home.

5. Gas Smell

Gas is naturally odourless and additives are put in it to give it a peculiar odour that smells something similar to a rotten egg. This is to give you an indication if at all there happens to be a leak. If you smell gas, quickly turn off the stove, get out of your house and call for an emergency service. Avoid turning on lights and appliances as it could create a spark and in any case, DO NOT light a match!

 6. Animal Odour

Living with pets can make you comfortable with their scent. But sometimes even after bathing your pets on a regular basis, you could have a strange smell in your house. In such events, check for rodents, raccoons, or squirrels in your attic. Accumulated faecal matter could be the reason for such strong disgusting odours. Get a professional to clear up the stench as the faecal matter could have ringworms in it. There could even be small dead and decaying organisms on the walls and in the corners of the attic.

If you struggle with odour issues at home, call our team of experts to help get rid of the stench. Our areas of operation are Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW. Contact our technicians on 0409037634 for expert odour control services.

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