Odours at Home and How To Fix Them

Odours at home

The human nose is capable of smelling more than 10000 scents and odours. Although we can categorise and identify most odours at home, there are some which can’t be easily identified and have a lingering effect. To avoid these odours from taking your home, you must first identify where the odour is originating from and fix the problem.

The old house smell that you call it, could be due to mould in the walls. And you probably know that some mould can be very toxic. It is advisable to get a professional mould cleanup done if the mould spread is visibly too much. Mould usually grows in places where humidity and moisture run amok. Take extra care in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Your carpet and walls absorb long lingering smells and fail to give it up no matter what you do. Pet urine, spilt milk, smoke etc. are the common causes of odour in the home. Getting a fresh layer of paint on the walls solves the problem most times. As for carpets, you can always have a carpet cleaning done from professionals or, if the state of the carpet is beyond cleaning, you might need to replace it.

A filthy dishwasher can also give rise to some really strong and bad odour. Occasionally, once a month you can give the washer a dry run with some vinegar. This solves the problem and you’re odour free from the next month or so. Even then, the washer does need a deep cleaning to be done and you need to focus on the seals and the dishwasher trap.

If you get a rotting smell, maybe an animal has died and remained in your house for a long time. The most probable places are the attic, the wall, the chimney or under the house. The smell is strong particularly in this area and makes it really difficult to get rid of unless the source is located and disposed of. If you plan on removing the dead carcass on your own, then there are some rules you need to follow in some of the areas. It’s best to check with the city sanitation department before proceeding further. You could also call in a professional biohazard cleaner to help you with an unattended death cleanup.

We, Biosite Cleanup provide professional odour removal services for all types of odours at home. Our expert team of highly trained biohazard technicians can get the job done, and they do it very well!

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