An insight into crime scene cleanups

crime scene cleanup

A crime scene clean up is more complex as compared to ordinary cleanups. It takes more than bleach and water to decontaminate a crime scene. Cleaning up the affected site can take up several hours. After that, the restoration of the property takes additional hours. Crime scene cleaning, in other words, is an intricate and lengthy process. Here’s a sneak peek into the process of cleaning up a crime scene.

Blood is hazardous:
Yes, the blood-spattered is highly dangerous as they carry blood-borne pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis that can leave one diseased for life. When one comes in contact with blood, there’s a high risk of getting infected. Hence, professionals before starting the cleanup process must adhere to safety norms. They are required to wear complete personal protective equipment. This is to keep them protected from exposure to dangerous contaminants.

The extreme heat:
The protective suit gets very hot after a while. Of course, they do an excellent job at protecting the professionals while cleaning but obstruct the circulation needs our skin requires to breathe and release heat. Imagine how hot one is going to feel when completely covered from head to toe. And professional cleaners have no option but to wear the suit for several hours before the cleanup is over.

Hospital grade cleaning solutions:
Professionals use hospital grade disinfectants and chemicals to clean up every spot of blood and other contaminated areas. Special Chemicals are used to detect and remove biohazards from the site. The cleaning solutions used not only clean the visible blood but also contaminants that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Removal of body parts:
Even after the body is removed from the site, there are chances of bone fragments, and brain matter still being left behind. Apart from locating blood and bodily fluids, professional cleaners are always looking out for small pieces of the body. They inspect every corner and porous surface to check for such matter and make every effort to remove them completely. Before the inhabitants can move in, the professional cleaners ensure that no trace of any body part is left behind.

The awful odour:
The odour won’t just disappear even after using an aerosol. It needs to be tackled using professional grade equipment. Professional cleaners use sophisticated equipment that splits these odour molecules on a molecular level. They don’t just remove the odour that’s present but also eliminates odour causing elements.

Proper Disposal:
Upholstery, carpets, surfaces and other materials that are soaked with blood and other bodily fluids cannot be disposed of in a normal trash can. Professional cleaners have to follow strict guidelines while transporting and disposing of such biohazard materials.

After the police and investigators have left the premises, it’s important to call qualified professional cleaners immediately to remediate the property.

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