How to Tell If You are Buying a Meth House

Meth House

So the time has finally come, you have finally put everything in place and moving onto the quest of home ownership. Everything seems perfect! The loan came through, great locality, awesome neighbours, and the location is perfect for your family. It couldn’t get more exciting. But, did you check if your house was ever used as a meth lab? As much as it seems highly unlikely, more than a 1000 people get duped into buying a house which was previously used as a meth lab.

And to make it worse, if you find out that your house has been used as a meth lab in the past, the cost of cleaning it before actually staying in it will fall on your shoulders. A complete professional meth lab clean-up from a reputed cleaning agency will cost you quite a lot.

Below are tips that will tell you if the house you are buying is a meth house:

Research about the Property:

Spend some time researching about the property online. Check the government sites under areas listed as meth houses. Although you may not get a complete list here, it will give you an idea if there has been meth activity around the area. This will tell you if you need to dig around more or if it’s safe.

Ask the Neighbours:

Neighbours notice a lot of activity that happens in the houses around them. A simple query about the house will give you an insight on who the previous owners were and if they were any trouble. If they have lived in that area for a while, they will know of any suspicious activity in the house you are thinking of buying. You will not only make friends while at it, but also get some first-hand knowledge of the house.

Ask the Police:

Once you’re done asking in the neighbourhood, take a trip to the nearby police station. Enquire if there were any arrests made in the house and what the reason was. This will definitely tell you if there was some illegal activity was conducted in the house. Even if the house has had drug-related incidents, enquire and ensure that they were not meth related.

Smell for Strong Odours:

Although its normal for homes that have been vacant for some time to have all sorts of smells in them, you need to go sniffing around in the house to make sure you do not get any peculiar smell that might be related to meth production in the house. Smells of paint thinner, ether, acetone, and cat urine are signs for meth production.

Check the Home’s History

If the deal is too good to be true, make sure you get all your background checks ticked. There’s always something fishy about an ‘unbelievable deal’. All could work out well for you and you might get an amazing property for a cracking deal. But if that property is troubled, it’ll bring you difficulties in manifolds in the future.

Look For Destructive Behaviour:

Study shows that long term drug abuse caused the brain to be more destructive and gives rise to impulsive behaviour. Drugs cause temper outbursts and other such volatile actions. As you walk through the house, inspect the walls for destructive behaviour. If you do any destructive behaviour, then ask about the previous owners.

Buy a Test Kit:

Even after all the research, if you are still not satisfied and you still have your doubts, its best to do a test. Looks can be deceiving, all the fancy paint and flooring could be a cover-up for something much worse. Do a test and be sure once and for all. You will get the assurance you need for your dream home along with your mind at peace.

Purchasing a house will be one of the biggest investment you will ever make. You don’t want to regret this decision forever by not doing proper research on the property. Although it seems like houses with meth lab tend to be in some areas only, you can never really tell which houses from high end to middle-class localities have a drug-related past to it. So when youre looking for a house to buy, do your research, keep your eyes wide open, sniff hard, ask tactful questions and when in doubt, test.

These were a few tips to help you buy a safe house. If you find your property has a traces of meth, don’t hesitate to call a professional meth lab cleaning company. Meth lab cleaning is a very complex process and must only be handled by a professional. Contact Biosite Cleanup for meth lab cleanup services.


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