How to Remove Mould Spots on Clothes

How to remove mould spots on clothes
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Wet garments or fabrics can be breeding grounds for mould if left wet for a long time. Even if there are few mould spots on your clothes, you can still salvage them. Below are handy tips to help you remove mould stains from clothes.

Check the labels – It’s always advisable to follow the instructions on the label regarding the recommended water temperature for washing and the process of drying the clothing item.

Scrub off the stain – To remove the mould stain, apply some soap, white vinegar or bleach, on the garment. Then using a toothbrush gently brush off the surface to remove mould.

Pre-soak the garment – As mould stains can be difficult to remove, it is best to pre-soak the garment before washing. You can soak for an hour in a pre-soak product or in a bucket of water adding one cup of white vinegar.

Wash the garment in hot water – Apart from eliminating bacteria and allergens, hot water is effective in killing mould spores. Do not surpass the maximum water temperature suggested to wash the garment. Fabrics that can’t be washed should be sent for dry cleaning.

Use a mould killing solution in the washing machine:

    • Vinegar: Add one or two cups of vinegar and some detergent (per cycle) to kill mould and get rid of mouldy smells on clothes.
    • Borax: You can also kill mould on clothes using borax. It is used for organic fabrics such as cotton and linen. Mix half a cup of borax in hot water and let it dissolve. Add the solution into your washing machine once it has filled up, then run the washing machine as normal.
    • Bleach: It is very effective in killing mould on clothes. However it can also fade colours. So, check the instructions on the clothing label and do a spot test to make sure the colour won’t fade. Fabrics that won’t be damaged can be laundered using detergent and one cup of bleach.

Dry washed clothes in the sun – Soon after the clothes are washed; hang them out in the sun for drying. Sunlight helps to kill mould spores in garments. Avoid using the clothes dryer, as heat from the machine can make spots noticeable and hard to remove.

If mould spots do not go away at the first try, repeat the whole process. You can also try dying your garments a darker colour, which may hide spots for good.

Apart from textiles, mould can grow on walls, windows, pipes, tiles, furniture and other surfaces. To remove mould from these surfaces rely on mould removal experts at Biosite Cleanup. Reach us on 0409037634 to know more.

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