5 Smart Hoarding Cleanup Tips for Your Home

5 Smart Hoarding Cleanup Tips for Your Home
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Dealing with a hoarded home can be a big deal, and having a family member who may be a hoarder can be infuriating at times, making it hard for you to keep your cool. The task is definitely challenging and hoarding sites may often be filled with rodents and insects. Besides this, they can also be breeding places for mould, mildew and a lot of bacteria. Below are tips that will help you with a hoarding cleanup at home.

  1. Separate out the items:

Sort out the items from the hoarded mess either as trash, reusable or items that can be donated. Items that are not in use for more than a year can be put in a box and disposed of as trash. Do not hesitate to get rid off magazines, newspapers, cardboard boxes, unusable electronics and clothes, there will definitely be heaps of these in every hoarder’s home. Things that are in a good condition but may not be used by you may be given for donation. Separating out items in such a manner makes it so much manageable to de-clutter your space at home.

  1. Toss out old collections:

You may be religiously collecting newspaper clippings since you were 15 but now it may be time to toss out your beloved collections. Items that are no longer of any beneficial use and are only occupying space need to be piled aside and considered whether to be recycled, donated or tossed out in the trash.

  1. Protect yourself:

Hoarding sites can be very dangerous to human health as it may include dealing with bugs, rodents, ticks and most hazardous of all, a lot of unseen virus, bacteria and diseases. The unsanitary condition of a hoarding site makes it mandatory for hoarding cleaners to completely protect themselves. Wear protective equipment during all phases of a hoarding cleanup. In addition to that be careful of clutter piles that may collapse either injuring or trapping the cleaner. Insects may come out of their habitats when disturbed and mould spores may be all over walls and other areas and can be very harmful when breathed in. Keeping in mind all the mentioned dangers, plan out the cleaning process beforehand.

  1. Consider consignment:

Items that may not be of any use to your home, but may do good to another home may be considered giving for donation. Another option you may want to consider is selling them on consignment. These could include items that you bought a long time ago, never used but simply occupy space in your home. This is a smart way of getting back some money on the items while at the same time getting rid of the clutter at home.

  1. Seek professional help:

Sometimes, a hoarding cleanup may be impossible especially if you yourself are a hoarder. Often hoarders find it difficult to detach themselves from the clutter and may need counselling to help them let go. Apart from that, a hoarded home may need additional manpower to help de-clutter the space. In such a situation its best to call professional hoarding cleaners to help clean up the space. An example of this could be animal hoarding.

These 5 simple tips should help you manage hoarding at home. Biosite Cleanup deals with all types of hoarding cleanup and our services are available in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and surrounding areas of NSW. Need help sorting your home in an orderly manner? Call us now for hoarding cleanup services.

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