How to Help Someone Deal with Hoarding

How to help someone deal with hoarding

Hoarding is quite a common issue and surprisingly, many suffer from hoarding disorder. Over a period of time, the problem may only seem to alleviate. What a hoarder may not understand is that hoarding can have great risk, both on the hoarder and the family of the hoarder. Not only that, the entire neighbourhood may also be exposed to the effects.

Hoarding is more than a mere accumulation of items. It involves a hoarder having a sentimental attachment to the things they collect. They may consider these items to have potential use in the future. What they may fail to realize is that this compulsive behaviour can lead to the accumulation of a lot of clutter over a period of time.

Treating hoarding may not be so easy, but at the same time, it is not an impossible task. Sometimes all a hoarder needs is support and doing so may seem tough as it may involve dealing with a lot of frustration, feelings of anger and shame and can also strain the relationship of the hoarder with the family members. Below are a few tips to help someone deal with hoarding.

Talk the individual out

Dealing with hoarding is not as easy as barging into a hoarder’s accumulated items, and throwing out all their belongings. If you want to help someone deal with hoarding, it will require effort and can be a complex task. It’s best that you address the issue. Make the hoarder understand that there is no value in accumulating items and letting go is the only best alternative. The harmful health risks that come with hoarding may also need to be addressed to the hoarder. Hoarders usually isolate themselves and live in a confinement. In order to help someone deal with hoarding, build trust slowly and be supportive at all times.

Start small and set small achievable goals

If your loved one has agreed to let go of the accumulated clutter, you could help in the cleanup process. Start by slowing discarding accumulating matter, part by part. This could be a drawer, a box, or a small section of the room. Set small goals to clean up slowly over a period of time. When the hoarder has let go and these small goals are achieved, acknowledge the efforts made. This positivity will help the hoarder eventually let go off all the clutter.

Seek consignment

Items that are no longer of any use but may be of potential use to someone else can be considered giving for donation or charity. This can be a win-win situation for both; the hoarder let’s go off the hoarded items and frees up space at home and someone can put the items in good use.

 Call in a professional

 If the cleanup may seem like a task, do not fret! Professional biohazard cleaners can help you clean out the accumulated clutter. At times, clutter may be so severe and could include mould growth, bug infestations, and piles and piles of junk. Attempting such a cleanup may hamper your health and could put you in a lot of danger. Never hesitate to invest in professional hoarding cleanup by experts. Sometimes you may need a professional cleaning company to help someone deal with hoarding.

If you have to deal with a hoarder at home or at your workplace and the situation gets out of control, feel free to get in touch with professional cleaners. At Biosite Cleanup, we deal with all kinds of hoarding and our team of expert hoarding professionals with help you de-clutter the place. We can help you de-clutter the place. Call us on  0409037634 to know more about our hoarding cleanup services.

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