Hacks to Eliminate Pet Odours in Your Home

Hacks to Eliminate Pet Odours in Your Home

Dealing with pet odours is something every pet owner goes through. Though you may love your pooch dearly and treat it like a family member, at times you may find your home smelling like your pet. Overcoming pet odours is not an impossible task, all it requires is a little effort. Treating both your home and your pet is the right way to go about eliminating pet odours. Put below are a few hacks to help you overcome pet odours at home.

Treat your pet

Brush your pet regularly. Every second day should be just fine. Regular brushing will help prevent hair from falling all over the place and will help your pet keep a glossy and well-groomed healthy coat. In addition to regular brushing, bathe your pet at least once a month, and if he’s one that rolls around a lot in the mud, then you should consider bathing it every week. Pets should also be treated for ticks and fleas.

Sweep, mop and vacuum often

If your pet roams freely in your home, then it is necessary that you mop and vacuum the floors every day to deal with potential pet odours before the situation goes out of control. This will remove hair and skin debris, which aside from controlling odour, will help in controlling fleas.

Wash linens

If you find your cushion cover, bed linens and clothes smelling like your pet, be aware of the fact that all fabric at home develop odour at some point of time. Put everything in the washing machine on a regular basis, and make sure to dry them completely before putting them where they belong.

Wash your pet’s bedding area

Wash your pet’s bedding area at least once a week as this could be one spot that will have your pet’s hair, dirt and body odour. As much as possible avoid letting your pet on furniture and upholstery. Get a separate comfy bedding area made for them. Wash covers on a regular basis and use a stain repellent. This should help you take care of most pet odours at home.

Clean up any mess immediately

Any accidents or pet poop should be cleaned promptly. Not taking immediate action will stain your carpets and will also be an indication to your pet that it is his toilet. Use a proper disinfectant to help with cleaning the stain. A mixture of hot water and white vinegar is a good homemade disinfectant to fight odours from stains.

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