Fire Safety Tips for Your Workplace

Fire Safety Tips for Your Workplace
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A fire in the workplace can be a catastrophic event for all occupants of the building. Sometimes the extent of fire damage can be so severe that prevention of the incident in the first place is an absolute necessity. Every business owner should understand that it very important that a workplace meets all the required fire and health safety standards to avoid a possible fire breakout. No matter the size of your organisation, fire safety at the workplace should be your main priority.

Below are put together a few fire safety tips for the workplace you need to follow to prevent fire accidents.

1. Turn off electric appliances at the end of the day

Most electric appliances run the risk of getting overheated. Hence it is best that all electric appliances are turned off at the workplace at the end of the day. The refrigerator may, however, be left switched on to hold perishable items.

2. Train your employees to deal with fire accidents

Assign a few people to take up a fire safety procedure. Have them formulate a fire evacuation plan for the organisation and let them take charge of the evacuation when faced with a fire crisis at work. The fire evacuation plan could be discussed with the employer and instructed to all employees. They should also be provided with emergency contact information for them to reach out to in such intense situations.

3. Organise regular fire drills

It’s a good practice to organise fire drills every few months. Fire drills help employees prepare themselves to deal with fire accidents with calmness and in a quick manner. Fire drills could be either announced or unannounced. Unannounced fire drills are not usually preferred to test the readiness of your employees. After every drill, ask the management of your workplace for the effectiveness of the conducted fire drill and analyse if the goals of the fire drill have been accomplished. Accordingly, you could improve future performance if needed.

4. Have an escape route planned out

This is a must in every organisation. When faced with fire at a workplace, employees need to have a safe place to escape to. Install clear fire exit signs at required places which will lead people to safety. The pathway to a fire exit should be easily accessible and cleared of unnecessary items.

5. De-clutter workplace

Get your workspace organised. Having excess clutter all around a workspace like cardboard, paper, oily rugs makes it easier, by contributing as fuel, for the place to burn down in a fire breakout. Besides this, clutter also makes entry and exit difficult, increasing the risk of damage. As much as possible, keep the area clutter-free.

6. Report electric hazards

Faulty wirings and malfunctioning of workplace equipment are often the causes of a fire breakout in a workplace. If not reported can lead to a fire breakout or a short circuit. If you ever notice any such faults or friction sparks, its best to call in a professional electrician and have the wires or devices repaired. Never ignore them or leave them unattended.

7. Maintain fire extinguishers

In addition to having fire extinguishers installed at all important points in the workplace, it is equally important to have them refilled and serviced timely. Besides fire extinguishers, organisations should also have sprinklers systems and smoke detectors installed and maintained. These should be tested annually. All employees should at least have basic knowledge of how to handle a fire extinguisher. This can prepare them to face a future crisis in the workplace.

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