Fire Safety Tips for This Holiday Season

Fire safety tips for this holiday season
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Residential fires are maximum during the holiday season and usually, end up costing a lot more and do more damage. Property loss during a holiday fire accident is known to be 34% more than the average fire. To keep your household free from fire damage incidents, we have made a list of fire safety tips that you can follow this season.


Cooking is the most common reason for holiday fires at home. And the most frequent reason for this is food being left unattended. Mistakes happen and we tend to forget things. When you leave something on the stove, carry something like a pot holder with you if you’re going out of the kitchen as a reminder. Keep the kitchen fire extinguisher completely filled. Ensure that the smoke detectors are working and that the batteries are changed.


Fire due to candle burns is known to be a lot more common during the holiday season than during other times of the year. Extra care should be taken as to where these candles are placed and must be kept away from anything that will easily catch fire. Place them on steady bases and keep them away from pets and children.

Christmas tree:

A dry tree will light up in flames in under 30 seconds. To avoid this, get a fresh tree, put a fresh cut on the trunk and water it every day. Water your tree well to make impossible to catch fire. Keep the tree away from any heat source in the room. Artificial trees don’t pose as much threat, just ensure they are fire repellent.

Decorative Lights:

Inspect light strings well and discard any cracked wires or broken sockets. Ensure that extension cords work properly and don’t overload sockets which may give rise to short circuits. While hanging the wires outside, avoid using nails & other such sharp objects which may damage the wire and increase the risk of fire damage. It is advised to take down the wires within 90 days of installation. Leaving them up all year round exposes them to a lot of short circuit risks.


Soot from fire in the fireplace can harden on the chimney walls giving rise to creosote. So, before the fireplace season begins, don’t forget to have your chimneys inspected and cleaned if necessary. Screen the fireplace to ensure that embers do not pop out and damage the carpets or furniture. Use dry, seasoned wood in your fireplace instead of using flammable liquids to start the fire.

Use these tips and stay safe this holiday season. Do you have a feeling that your house may not be as safe from fire as you think it is? Have a professional fire damage restoration company evaluate your home.

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