Easy Tips to Keep Bathroom Mould at Bay

Easy Tips to Keep Bathroom Mould at Bay

Mould is a common problem homeowners face nowadays. It can grow quickly in places that are dark, damp and humid. Since bathrooms accumulate a lot of moisture there’s a good chance of mould invading your bathroom space. Mould can make your bathroom look messy and unhealthy. Apart from that, it can be quite difficult to remove mould. You would need a professional mould cleanup to get rid of it. However with some simple tips and tricks you can easily keep bathroom mould at bay in the first place.

Install a good fan

Make sure every bathroom in your house has a fan. Fans work with your vent system to reduce moisture levels in bathrooms. They suck the moisture out of the air and release it outside your home. It’s important to make sure the fans are working efficiently in order to prevent moisture and mould problems.

Use the fan during and after shower

Not only is it important to run the fan while having a shower or bath, but it’s also important to keep it running for an extra half an hour after you are done. This helps prevent lingering moisture from settling into the walls and ceiling, and mould from growing. If you feel you may forget to turn off the fan later, you could put it on a timer.

Repair all the leaks

A major contributor to bathroom mould is leftover moisture from a shower or bath. However, leaks can also cause moisture accumulation, which could lead to mould growth. Whenever you spot a leak in the bathroom, have it fixed immediately. Don’t save the job for later. Bring in a plumber if required. Delaying will only make things worse.

Wash bathroom linens regularly

Your bathroom linens like the bathroom rug, bath mat, towels are some of mould’s favourite spots to grow. Especially when they are left damp or not washed regularly, they can encourage mould growth. A simple way to prevent mould from taking over your bathroom is to wash your bathroom rugs, towels and bath mats regularly, this means washing at least once a week. This will keep your bathroom cleaner and mould free.

Get a squeegee

One should never underestimate the power of a squeegee. Having one in your bathroom is really useful for dealing with moisture. Use the squeegee to swipe away the water on your shower walls. This will help reduce the moisture in your bathroom to a great extent and keep mould away.

Dry out items in your shower

Another tip to keep your bathroom from harbouring mould is to remove loofahs, sponges, shampoo bottles, and other shower items when not in use. As they dry, water can accumulate underneath them, making it a perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive in.

Follow these simple tips to keep bathroom mould away. In spite of your best efforts, if mould still finds a place in your bathroom, call our team for a professional mould cleanup.

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