The Dangers of Sewage Overflows One Must Know

Dangers of Sewage Overflow

Most homeowners dread sewage overflows as they are messy and smell awful, which it true. But apart from the unpleasant environment they create, sewage overflows can actually pose a great risk to health. Which is why, if you’re ever faced with a sewage overflow in your home, the first thing you need to do is call a biohazard cleaning company like Biosite Cleanup for immediate help. Our sewage cleaning experts are quick to respond, assess the sewage-contaminated area thoroughly and prepare a plan of restoration. We can take care of the mess, leaving no trace of the event behind.

Moving further, why are sewage overflows hazardous to health? Sewage water is filled with all the things people toss into the sewers. This includes everything that is flushed down the toilets and goes down the drains. So if sewage overflows in your home, you can imagine the stuff that’s in the water. It could be anything from human waste, vomit, stale food, to simply unclean water. You definitely don’t want to go anywhere close to it.

Apart from all the filth that’s found in sewage overflows, there are unseen bacteria that flows along which can spread diseases like hepatitis A, tetanus, leptospirosis and E Coli infection.

In addition to ailments, another risk which may not seem apparent is slipping accidents. We all know how dangerous it is to walk on a wet floor, and with sewage water it can get quite sticky and slimy making it even more hazardous to step foot in. Anyone walking through the sewage overflow without appropriate boots to keep them from slipping, and also to keep their feet protected from bacteria contaminated water, is exposing themselves to injuries.

One of the many hazards of sewage overflows is electrocution. When sewage water comes in contact with electricity there are chances of getting electrocuted. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to turn off the power supply to areas that have been affected by the sewage overflow.

Sewage water may also release strong fumes which poses a risk of intoxication. If the sewage overflow occurs in a closed space, there’s a possibility of breathing in toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methane. Bear in mind, these gases are also extremely flammable, adding the risk of explosions and fires, if these volatile fumes are ignited by a spark.

Now that you have learned about the dangers associated with sewage overflows, you will also have realized that it’s in your best interest to leave the cleanup and restoration to the professionals. Trying to remedy the mess on your own would mean putting yourself at risk which is something you should avoid no matter how simple the situation may seem.

Count on Biosite Cleanup in any sewage related crisis. We have years of experience in dealing with sewage overflows and have been serving home and business owners in Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay and other areas of NSW. Trust that we will remediate your property and restore it to a safe and inhabitable state. Call us on 0409037634 to know more.

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