Dangers of Living near Meth Labs

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Unlike many common drugs found on the street, Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug which is ‘cooked’ using several dangerous chemicals and involves complicated processes. Although Methamphetamine is produced by leading pharmaceutical companies and is approved for medical use under a doctor’s prescription, a majority of meth labs produce meth in crystal form and is cooked in houses, cars, woods and campsites. Most of these meth labs go unnoticed until someday a fire truck shows up to extinguish the fire caused by an explosion in the meth lab which may have claimed lives of innocent people.

Apart from being injured in such a drastic manner, meth cooking has several other effects on the surrounding which causes areas around to get contaminated with dangerous chemicals. The process of cooking meth causes immediate pervasive pollution to walls, carpets, furniture and even the air itself. These pollutants often travel through walls and doors to neighbouring apartments and houses, spreading harmful fumes. Just to get an idea of the dangers meth labs can pose, consider that law enforcement officers wear protective gloves, goggles, respirators and hazmat suits before entering meth labs.

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Some common symptoms of toxic exposure to the chemicals and fumes involved in methamphetamine production include severe headaches, nausea, fatigue, lethargy and dizziness. Prolonged exposures can result in similar symptoms, as well as difficulty in breathing, chest pain and cough, loss of physical coordination, irritation and chemical burns on the skin, eyes, nose and mouth. In the long run, such exposures can even be lethal. Cancer, liver, brain and kidney damage, miscarriage and birth defects are some of the long-term effects of toxic meth lab chemical exposure.

If you suspect that you may be living near an active meth lab — or just as bad, in a former lab — it is of great importance that you contact the authorities and seek an expert evaluation of the environment to confirm and dispel your suspicions.

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