Crime scene cleanup vs Crime scene investigation – What’s the difference?

Crime scene cleanup vs Crime scene investigation

‘Murder’, ‘Assault’ these are terms related to a crime scene. A question we often encounter is the difference between, ‘crime scene cleaning’ & ‘crime scene investigation’?

A crime scene cleanup refers to cleaning up blood, body fluids, removal of another potentially harmful biohazardous material. The cleaners also protect any evidence if they find during their cleanups. Crime scene cleanup process is performed after the crime scene investigation has taken place. A crime scene cleaner works closely with police & the investigators and helps those who have suffered a traumatic event.

After the investigation, the family or the friends have to deal with the post effects of the investigation. Cleaning up after a loved one could be an unthinkable task to handle; therefore many people look out for a crime scene cleanup company to do the job.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t clean up after a death or a crime scene.

If tragedy strikes, the police department might not have the proper resources to help you with the cleaning to its pre-loss condition. Your family being traumatized with the event is now also at the risk of inhaling dangerous airborne pathogens. These pathogens are microscopic and are not visible to the naked eye, like HIV, Hepatitis B. These pathogens in the blood and body fluid could have seeped into the flooring, wall or foundation of your house. If not treated right away you could be at the risk of harming yourself and those living with you.

Therefore this career is challenging & requires to have certain qualities:

Detailed oriented: A crime scene cleaner has to be detailed oriented, have a high physical and emotional tolerance level to any situation that can be upsetting.  If any new evidence is discovered, crime scene technicians will know how to handle it & the procedures to notify an official. They know exactly how to handle each situation, from odour removal to body fluid cleanup.

Protective Equipment: Every crime scene cleanup requires you to have personal protective equipment such as gloves, respiratory equipment and protective clothing for protection in order to reduce any exposure to a contaminant.

Educated: The technicians undergo bio-recovery training courses. They have the knowledge on how to remove bloodborne pathogens and the requirements to handle any hazardous materials.

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