What you can do to prevent a sewage spill

What you can do to prevent a sewage spill
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A sewage spill or backup occurring at your premises or surroundings can damage property, pose a serious health risk to you and your family and can be very unpleasant to clean up. A sewer system or septic tank backup, or even a simpler case of toilet overflow can occur in a home causing a lot of inconvenience. The contaminants contained in sewage can cause diseases and spills can cause sanitation problems. They must be dealt with promptly. A cleanup demands a lot of time and effort, and the use of specialized products and tools to disinfect the area/property affected.

Some buildings and houses suffer from frequent sewage backups and spills. It is important to get to the root of these problems and take corrective measures. It could be a simple toilet overflow, a clogged drain, a problem with the septic system or area flooding owing to a natural disaster. Prevention is possible in many cases and would need the inhabitants’ systematic attention to certain details.

A few basic points are listed below to help you prevent a sewage spill or its recurrence.
• Septic systems and tanks must be carefully maintained and pumped on schedule.
• Avoid planting trees above or near sewer pipes as the roots are likely to grow strong and large and break the pipes.
• Pipes should be regularly inspected and repaired when necessary.
• Avoid emptying large amounts of grease down the kitchen drain. It can harden causing the drainage pipes to clog.
• Do not dispose of large amounts of harsh chemicals into the drain.
• Take care not to flush diapers, napkins, and similar items down the toilet.

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