Biosite Cleanup’s Quick Emergency Response

emergency response

We cannot escape death as it is a part of life.  At Biosite Cleanup, we deal with the most gruesome homicide, accidental death cleanup situations. We are specialised in removing and disposing of any biohazardous material in an area of potential threat to human life. How can you tell if the situation you face requires an emergency response? If a situation involves blood, any harmful material, body fluids then you need to call us. If there is a trauma scene, medical biohazard situation, or an undiscovered death where the area needs to be quarantined, schedule an emergency response.


1) If you DIY then you are at the risk of exposing yourself and others to potentially dangerous pathogens.  These pathogens could be harmful to your health and those around you, moreover, even fatal.

2) We have dealt with the cleanup of biohazardous scenes where we use proper equipment and cleanup protocols to help protect you from liabilities.

3) We have faced challenging situations of odour from maggots, cockroaches, faeces and urine removal.

4) We sanitize, remove and dispose of any biological material swiftly and discreetly. Therefore, cleaning, sanitizing the area so it is free from threat.

5) If you are facing an emergency mould cleaning situation, we can remove the materials which are infested with microbial growth. Remove settled spores and reduce the levels of moisture.

6) Our team has dealt with numerous cases of water extraction. We remove the water quickly with the best equipment so that you can have a clean, dry home back again.

7)  We clean out the fire smoke, soot and other fire-related elements efficiently to reinstate your home to its pre-loss condition.

People who are not certified in dealing with biohazardous materials should not try to remediate and restore the scene themselves.  If you’re dealing with a crime scene, trauma, fire damage, water damage, etc, call 0409037634 or visit us at

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