6 Signs of Mould in Your Home

Signs of Mould
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If you suffer from allergies when indoors, there’s a probability of mould growing in your home. Some of the allergic reactions of mould include sneezing, a runny nose, congestion and dry skin. Below are common Signs Of Mould to look out for which could indicate the presence of mould in your home.

Smell of mould

If you have mould growing inside or outside your home, one of the simplest ways to detect its presence is by the smell. Outdoor mould has a stale smell while mould that is found indoors gives a damp and musty odour. One shouldn’t ignore the smell even when the mould is invisible. It is important to get a mould test done immediately before it becomes a serious problem.

Visible Growth

When you can see mould, you know for sure, that mould exists in your home. However, it is difficult to determine the amount of mould growth. You shouldn’t assume that all the mould you see is all that’s present. There are hidden or not so easily accessible areas where mould could exist. Hence, it is important to have a mould inspection done without any delay. This is one of the most obvious signs of mould in your home, so if you see a patch of mould, its best to get a professional cleanup job done by a certified cleaning agency.

Water Leaks

If you’ve had any leaks from pipes, sinks or roofs, have these areas inspected immediately. Quite often than not, these areas suffer from water damages and there could be a good chance of mould growing in these neglected areas. Due to high levels of moisture, mould grows and spreads quickly in water damaged areas. Know more about types of water damages here.

Water Intrusion

Events like a sewer back up, pipe burst, or flooding from an outside building can contribute to a mould problem if not cleaned thoroughly and remediated on time. Often these issues remain undiscovered for a while, giving rise to mould problems.

Past Flooding

If your house has been hit by a flood, there’s a strong possibility of mould growing in it. If a flood occurs, contact a mould remediation expert and water damage restoration company to clean up the premises completely. A professional cleanup will ensure your house is not prone to mould problems and safe to the inhabitants.

Signs of Illness

Toxic black mould can give rise to health symptoms like nausea, skin rash, throat and nose irritation, sneezing, fatigue, headache and more. If you or your dear ones have been experiencing such symptoms for a while, it’s best to get the house inspected by a mould specialist. Know more about the health problems caused by mould.

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